MCC Exams Prep Centre

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MCC Exams Prep Centre

Rules and Regulations

*Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the class.

*No recording device or application or program is permitted to be used in the classes , either online or onsite.

If Recording is done ,The individual who recorded will be asked to delete the recorded material and leave the course.

*Course location, Time and Date is subject to change with 3 days notice. 

*Mock Exam Time and Date is subject to change with 2 days notice.

Mock Exam Fee is Non-Refundable. Mock Exam cancellation deadline 2 weeks prior to Exam.

*All the students shall register prior to the start day of the course.

Course Fee

$350/ 1st day(included in course fee)

 $250/2nd day(included in course fee)

$120/day for the rest(included in course fee)

Booklets are available for a fee

7 booklets : $350

Book 1 : $150

Booklets are final sale 

*Students should finalize their payments by the first session of the class

or will not be eligible to attend the course.

*Students will be required to pay a separate fee for the booklets if they want extra copy 

Refund Policy:

Refund is not available after 1st session

at the end of 1st session $350 for single session will be deducted and the remainder of the fee will be refunded. 


*Copying the materials including verbal or written without a permission

from AMCA in writing is subject to persecution.

AMCA, Highest Standards of Excellence