MCC Exams Prep Centre

Rules and Regulations

*Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in the class.

*No voice recorder or video camera is permitted to be used in the classes.

If Recording is done ,The individual who recorded will be asked to delete the recorded material and leave the course.

*Course location, Time and Date is subject to change with 3 days notice. 

*Mock Exam Time and Date is subject to change with 2 days notice.

Mock Exam Fee is Non-Refundable. Mock Exam cancellation deadline 2 weeks prior to Exam.

*All the students shall register prior to the start day of the course.

Timetable for Nac Courses

Please note that all the Nac courses have the same timetable.

Course Fee

$350/ 1st day(included in course fee)

 $250/2nd day(included in course fee)

$120/day for the rest(included in course fee)

Booklets are available for a fee

7 booklets : $350

Book 1 : $150

Booklets are final sale 

*Students should finalize their payments by the first session of the class

or will not be eligible to attend the course.

*Students will be required to pay a separate fee for the booklets if they want extra copy 

Refund Policy:

Refund is not available after 1st session

at the end of 1st session $350 for single session will be deducted and the remainder of the fee will be refunded. 


*Copying the booklets without a written permission

from AMCA  is subject to persecution.

AMCA, Highest Standards of Excellence  

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