Membership Program

Membership program is designed for candidates who would like to participate in more than one course as many times as they desire for Onsite Courses.

Online Courses are restricted to the members whom are registered for MCC Exams

Online is limited to twice for each member

Membership includes:

MCCQE1 , Nac OSCE , MCCQE2 , CAP , TDM , CDM , IELTS Plus two Mock exams 

Membership is an 18 month program starting from the registration date.

Fee:$4800 (Registration fee is included)

You can pay in 3 Instalments,In 2 months  (1st $1850 , 2nd $1500 , 3rd $1450 )

You will have restricted access to courses.

full access will be granted only after the full payment.

Membership is not available until  Dec 2019

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