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Nac-Osce MCCQE2

National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) 

NAC is an alliance of Canadian organizations streamlining the evaluation process for international medical graduates (IMGs) seeking a license to practice medicine in Canada. 

The NAC-OSCE examination assesses the readiness of an IMG for entrance into a Canadian residency program. 

It is a national, standardized examination that tests the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for entrance into postgraduate training in Canada. Comprising a series of clinical stations, the NAC-OSCE exam presents typical clinical scenarios. 

Our NAC-OSCE course will teach IMGs the practice model for Canadian doctor-patient encounter with emphasis on major typical situations. The NAC-OSCE course will cover the following subjects; General Approach to NAC-OSCE Exam, History Taking, Cardiology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Trauma, Counseling, Ortho/Rheum, Physical Exam, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Physical Exam, Communication Skills, Emergency Medicine, Post-Encounter and of course hands-on practice case scenarios (several ones for every topic except for Post-Encounter). Oral feedback with comprehensive explanations will be provided after every practice case scenario. 

The feedback will be done by instructors who will focus on your medical knowledge and skills and by our experienced Standardized Patients who will focus on your communication and interaction skills as well as on your grammar and communication skills (in case you are an IMG and need some help with it). AMCA focuses on both medical knowledge as well as interaction and communication skills because both are pivotal for high scores on NAC-OSCE Exam. Our interactive small-group sessions will provide each candidate with unique expertise and confidence in getting familiar with experiences from instructors and other attendants as well. 

Why Choose AMCA: 

Small Classes with max. 25 candidates per course 

12 Sessions 


Study Group

Comprehensive Material with focus on main topics 

Live Simulations for over 100 cases 

Unique daily practice.

Individual focus on your medical knowledge and skills 

Individual focus on your communication and interaction skills



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